Hey, there! I'm Lakyn, a lover of photography, dogs, cats (any animal, really) and Dr. Pepper.  Okay, so the Dr. Pepper boarders on the line of addiction, but you know, whatever, right?  The article of the 104 year old lady who drank a Dr. Pepper a day comes to mind whenever someone scolds me of my love for the drink.

Being in the photography business for almost ten years, I've seen a lot of things and met a lot of people, but my clients always stand out to me due to the fact that they become my friends!  Some of my closest and dearest friends in fact.  I'm actually convinced that the sweetest, nicest people in the region hire me to be their photographer.  There's a lot of trust that goes into hiring a photographer for anything, whether it be a portrait session or your wedding day (eek! I know wedding planning is scary). I want to you know that I feel you on the nerves and that I won't let you down.

I like to base my photography not on posed portraits (there are occasions that call for those, and yes, they are great for albums, a newspaper announcement, and the grandparents) but on moments, memories, and feelings. So, when I ask you to sexily whisper your favorite fruits and veggies in your partners ear or get into an epic game of Simon Says with your kiddos, know that your photos won't be silly or unattractive, but rather they will speak volumes about the connection and love your relationships are overflowing with.

Now back to the basics! I attended East Tennessee State University for Photography and Design. I live in Kingsport, TN with my sweet fiance, Neal, my Great Dane, Aksis, my Jack Russell mix, Kai, and my cat, Tuxedo (yes, he's a tuxedo cat! I'm super original). I keep a back porch container garden in the summer, and I'm obsessed with landscaping and being outdoors, but there's really nothing that beats a rainy afternoon on the couch with a cup of iced coffee and a good book. I'm a TOTAL video game nerd and I get waaaaay too into the games I'm a fan of (read: Destiny, Fortnite, and Sea of Theives).

Think we will mesh? I'd love to be your photographer! Contact me for more information about my services! Can't wait to talk to you! Ciao!